Born of the encounter between the founder of Comptoir Général, an emblematic eastern Paris landmark, and Pierre Affre, an international fishing figure and inveterate collector, Comptoir Collections presents an unparalleled collection. Each piece is unique, has been appraised and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Pierre Affre fishing expert

Born March 6, 1949 in Paris
Studies at Lycées Montaigne and Louis le Tall
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 1974. Subject of doctoral thesis: Atlantic salmon (silver medal from the Faculty of Medicine).
Diploma in Epidemiology, Institut Pasteur, Paris 1976
Veterinary teaching: Assistant at Ecole d'Alfort 1974, 75, 76
Temporary engineer, Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche 1977-78.
Author of pre-reports on salmon (Allier and Gave d'Oloron).
Professional journalist (press card 74479) since 1982.

French fly fishing and castingchampion in 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, and 1975
Three-timeWorld Championship medallist in 1972, 1974, 1975
I.G.F.A. SwordfishWorld Record (Dakar 1983)
World fly-fishing teamchampion (England 1983)
Trustee of the prestigious IGFA (International Game Fish Association) from 2005 to 2021

Began working as a volunteer journalist for the "ecological" magazines TOS and Saumons in 1969 (more than sixty articles published until 1974).
From 1975 onwards, professional contributor to the following magazines: Plaisirs de la Pêche, La Pêche et les Poissons, Pêche Pratique and Pêches Sportives.
For 12 years (every month) in charge of the "Fishing" and "Veterinary" sections of "Le chasseur français " magazine (Europe's largest "nature" press circulation at the time).
He also contributed to a number of consumer magazines: Géo, VSD, l'Express, Le Monde...
In 1993, he moved into broadcast journalism.

"Le Tall livre du pêcheur" Edition N°1 (1987) - out of print
"L'étang de Loisir, aménagement et gestion" Bordas (1990) - out of print
"Talles pêches" Orban (1991) - sold out
"Les monstres sont vivants" Grasset (1994)
"La pêche et ses techniques" Solar (1995)
" Larousse Encyclopedia of Fishing" (1995)
"101 trucs pour mieux pêcher" Bordas (1996) - out of print
"Les livres de pêche en français" (Bibliography) Pecari (1997)
"La vie rêvée du Pêcheur" Solar (1999) - out of print
"Practical Encyclopedia of Fishing" Sel. Reader's Digest (2001)
"Mouches de Pêche" Tana éditions (2002) - sold out
"Je suis parti à la pêche" Tana éditions (2003) - out of print
"Fishing Encycl. Illustrated" Terres éditions (2007)
"La pêche de papa" éditions de Borée (2010) - sold out
"Big Game Fishing, un siècle de pêche au tout-gros" éditions Quai des Plumes (2015)
"Guerre et Pêche" éditions Quai des plumes (2017)

Writer-director of four professional short films on major sport fisheries (16 and 35 mm) shown in cinemas (1980 to 1984) and a feature film on the Pike made for the Ministry of the Environment and the C.S.P. (1985).
Technical advisor on TF1 (1988-1989): Histoires Naturelles" TV series (director Igor Barrère)
Author-director of the Pêche-Nature video collection (distribution: Décathlon, supermarkets and mail order)
Since October 1996 in charge of the "Fishing" column on the cable channel
Seasons (Canal + group)

Author and director
1994 "Au pays des pêches royales" 55 mn (CAPA &; CNC for Planète)
1995 "In Hemingway's wake" 52 mn (CAPA & CNC for Planète)
1996 "La folie de la mouche de ma" 52 mn (Grenade & CNC for Seasons)
1996 "Les saumons de l'Umba" 52 mn (Grenade & CNC for Seasons)
1997 "La saga des saumons" 52 mn (Grenade & CNC for Seasons)
1998 "The tarpons of Sherbro" 52 mn (Grenade & CNC for Seasons)
1997 "Scottish Salmon" 52 mn (Grenade & CNC for Seasons)
1998/1999 "Les Pêches Européennes" (MC4 & Seasons) (ten 52-minute films on European sport fish)
2000/2001 "Ruites du bout du monde" (MC4 & Seasons)
2002/2005 Production and direction of ten 52-minute documentaries (with CNC) for the Seasons channel.
2006/2007 Produced and directed three "ecological" documentaries for the Planète channel: "Cochons de nitrates", "La Seine, les paris de l'eau", "Le Porc dans tous ses états" (with CNC).
2007 Production & direction of five documentaries (52 mn with CNC) on the theme of major fisheries around the world for the Seasons channel.
2008/2009 Production & direction of five "Fishing & Hunting" documentaries (52 mn with CNC) for the Seasons channel.
2009/2010 Production & direction of four documentaries "Fishing & Hunting" (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons.
2010/2011 Production & direction of four documentaries "Fishing & Hunting" (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons.
2011/2012 Production & direction of three "Fishing & Hunting" documentaries (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons.
2012/2013 Production & direction of three documentaries "Fishing & Hunting" (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons.
2013/2014 Production & direction of two documentaries "Fishing & Hunting" (52 mn with CNC) for the Seasons channel.
2014/2015 Production & direction of two documentaries "Fishing & Hunting" (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons channel.
2015/2016 Production & direction of a documentary " Fishing & hunting " (52 mn with CNC) for Seasons channel.

In all, more than 50 documentary films (52-minute format) on fishing and hunting, broadcast on the Planète and Seasons channels (Canal Multithématique group).

Expert at the Hôtel des Ventes Drouot in " Antique and collectible fishing tackle" and "Fishing books".

Distinguishing feature: also fishes for pleasure